Example image sizes for types of scans
Note: There typically are several images per study. Multiply image size by number of images in the study to get your average study size.

Image Description File Size
Screen-saved angiogram 1.06
Large, scanned film sheet with multiple CT images of head 10.67
Large, scanned chest radiograph 10.26
Small abdominal CT image obtained at level of liver .053
Screen-saved CT image of head 0.53
CT image of finger 0.53
Mammogram 8.81
MR image of brain 0.14
MR image of neck 0.17
Scanned abdominal CT image 1.98
Scanned abdominal CT image and scout images 10.69
Black-and-white US image of forearm 0.31
Color US image of forearm 0.93
Scanned chest radiograph 7.53
CT image of neck 0.53
Scout CT image of neck 0.31
MR image of spine 0.53
MR angiograms of head 0.53