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Let NCD provide a Rogan-Delft on-line xs archive
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OnLine XS Archives

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Your future is based on our experience
Being the first PACS company in the world we have some experience in the PACS field. With over 350 systems sold worldwide, Rogan has proven to be a very reliable partner for building a mini-PACS up to a complete digital department, or hospital with multi locations. By its unique state-of-the-art design, and the combination with off the shelf hardware, images are retrieved within milliseconds for review on workstations, making it one of the fastest solutions in PACS currently on the market. As all information is always and directly on line, no prefetching of older studies is needed, solving one of the most crucial parts of implementing a PACS: adapting to and increasing of the productivity of your workflow.

rogan online system

Integration within your hospital
The DICOM and HL7 standards will guarantee communication with other vendors' systems, such as workstations, printers, RIS, HIS etc. For hospital wide image distribution, Rogan OnLine archive can also be integrated with the Rogan Web Extensions. Our experienced integration partners will gladly inform you about the possibilities. Rogan OnLine archive can be installed as part of a SAN (Storage Attached Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage) or DAS (Direct Attached Storage), integrated with the rest of your hospital IT needs for storage.

multi-department imaging solution

Standardized Components
The Rogan OnLine XS archive (read: OnLine Access) makes use of "off the shelf" hardware and software. Working with a Microsoft SQL database and Intel servers, the archive solution gets within reach of every department. Because of the use of DICOM and the standard ability to store all DICOM fields, the Rogan OnLine XS archive can also be used for departments outside of radiology, like Radiotherapy, Medical Photography, Dental departments, Cardiology and many others.

pacs in 2 days

PACS in Two Days?
This might sound like a story that's too good to be true, but the concept of Rogan OnLine PACS makes it possible to create a full digital department within days of installation, because of the unique Everything on Line concept. Your Rogan PACS systems integrator can help you plan your steps in a digital environment.

online xs archive

Grow to enterprise PACS
The Rogan OnLine XS Archive offers the user an unlimited number of modality and workstation connections. Starting with shelf storage, it allows an upgrade to a system with a DVD jukebox for a fully automated back-up process, expanding it with a RAID, and adding IHE and HIPAA modules. For eliminating any single point of failure in the OnLine archive solution, Rogan-Delft offers the Rogan RAIS solution, that will keep your system up and running at all times!

raid 5 system

"HSM", the basis of your data security
Information can be stored in various ways within the Rogan On Line archive, depending on the solution you have chosen. Normally, all information is stored on fast magnetic media, or for the bigger systems, on a RAID-5 system. Migrating data to a back up system such as a DVD jukebox is done automatically. Image data is stored in the DICOM lossless format, doubling the capacity of your archive. The OnLine XS archive supports Shelf Management, where written media can be exported from the jukebox, and kept as off-line data. When the information is needed, the system will tell you on which media you can find it.

HIPAA compliant

Patient Data Security and Integrity
The Rogan OnLine archive has been designed to prevent the loss of data at multiple levels. Some examples we support are:

  • Hot swappable disks for continuous uptime (RAID: SAN-NAS-DAS)
  • Users without administrative rights are prohibited from deleting data
  • Highest levels of redundancy for eliminating single points of failure
  • DICOM Storage Commit for checking if data has arrived safely in the archive
  • Rogan-Delft is supporting the HIPAA initiative by partnering with end-users and providing tailor made solutions.

DICOM system

Turn Key Solutions
The Rogan On Line archive suite is also very interesting for departments or companies that want to have a turn-key solution. Rogan-Delft has the capability to offer a hardware and software solution that can be readily installed. Naturally, Rogan Delft's partners also have the expertise for connections with RIS and HIS systems, to guarantee a consistent patient database. Options such as the Quality Control Module and the On Line Verify Module guarantee this. The Rogan OnLine archives are accessible for all DICOM nodes that support DICOM Query and Retrieve and have no limitations in the number of connections.

Seamless integration with other vendors
We as an independent software developer have to provide the end-user with an open systems based (DICOM & HL7) PACS solution capable to store DICOM information from other manufacturers. This is our commitment to our customers, so they can rest at night, not having to worry about this.

The database can easily be filtered on any DICOM field for various purposes, such as setting up multiple worklists for a department. The archive can be connected with HIS and RIS systems through HL7 or ASCII by using the Link Pro solution software, based on the IHE initiative.

online xs system

Diagnostic quality compression
Rogan's Online XS PACS Archive is using all the available technologies from Rogan- Delft. This includes the "Everything On Line" solution. As all the information is always directly online in an uncompressed format, no pre-fetching of older studies is needed, which solves one of the most crucial problems of implementing PACS: adapting to the workflow of the radiology department.
The data that the radiologist will see on the VPX reporting station is a 100% diagnostic quality. This will ensure that you can start directly without having the feeling that the info you see might not be complete. As such we can provide the optimum workflow.

Rogan's On Line XS archive writes the data in DICOM Lossless format to the media. This means that the data capacity of your archive roughly expands by a factor of 2.5. Information can be kept for some time in the main storage, until it is migrated to the next level of archiving. The jukebox systems can be added as a back up, or long term deep archive.

On demand PACS solution
The modular design of Rogan's OnLine XS archive and its components makes it possible to grow from a mini-PACS or modality-based archive to larger environments such as a multi-location university PACS site with shared databases. Just add an additional OnLine XS archive for redundancy and performance. Yes, it's just that simple.

xs archive solution

Rogan OnLine XS offers:

  • State of the art technology providing next generation PACS solutions
  • Patient information always available for optimized workflow
  • Extreme system availability
  • Almost unlimited scalability
  • Unlimited storage capacity support
  • An on-demand growth path for your organization
  • RAIS ready
  • Improved data management
  • Affordable with a fast return of investment
  • A no-budget solution by use of our pay-per-exam offering!
  • Unlimited connections
  • Re-use of hardware investments

True enterprise wide archiving
The Rogan OnLine XS is configured with a SAN, NAS or DAS that is also capable of storing non-DICOM information. The OnLine XS can also be used simultaneously for other departments, such as Cardiology, making investments more defendable for "going digital". We even provide the next generation PACS: "multi-side global PACS"

OnLine XS large solution

ultimate pacs system

It's available: The ultimate PACS solution
Rogan Delft has designed the OnLine XS archive for optimal performance, system availability and optimal flexibility. Of all the archive products that Rogan Delft has developed over the last 18 years, this system incorporates all the technical innovation and experience that has been accumulated over the years.

The Rogan OnLine XS archive is built on the technology of "Everything On Line" (EOL), "Multiple Archive Storage Servers" (MASS) and "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Servers" (RAIS), a way of multiplying the speed of image transfer compared to old technologies. Depending upon the configuration of the OnLine XS, a configurable number of XS archives deliver many images in parallel to the Rogan VPX viewing stations. It not only provides much faster access to your patient information, it also solves some of the most critical aspects of PACS: Uptime, redundancy and future proof capabilities!

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