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NCD Corporation is a supplier of the Rogan WebView Pro PACS System
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Rogan WebView Pro

online pacs system

Image distribution in a OnLine XS PACS environment
Web technology is playing an ever more dominant role when it comes to the distribution of images and reports on a large scale to other users in or outside the hospital. Rogan's WebView Pro offers you a cost-effective way to integrate your PACS with a RIS and link it to other systems, such as medical databases, lab systems etc. Studies can now be accessed in or outside the hospital via Internet or Intranet. Viewing tools provide image manipulation for review of the images. As Conventional PCs can be used as viewing stations (clients), no special software has to be installed on the client side. Administration of the client stations is not necessary and automatic upgrading of the client saves time and money compared to manual software updates and upgrades.

webview pro viewer

The WebView Pro Server
The core element of the system is the WebView Pro server. It receives data from Rogan's XS OnLine archive (for example pre-selected data that has been diagnosed and reported) that in turn can be downloaded by the clients. The server can act in this way as a buffer for the main archive, reducing the access load on the OnLine XS archive. The WebView Pro server operates in accordance with the DICOM standard, to provide a viewing capability for all major medical applications, such as MR, CT and US. A flexible license mode (depending on the current user license) controls the number of active users. The licensing model considers only concurrent users that work simultaneously on the system, so you only pay for what you need.

webview pro clients

WebView Pro Clients
The viewing part of Rogan's WebView Pro can be installed on most Windows operating systems, running Internet Explorer 6 or above. An intuitive user-interface creates easy access to your images and reports. The usage of Microsoft's Netmeeting increases functionality by allowing information to be shared with others via the Intranet or Internet. The clients can also be set up in an Application Service Provider (ASP) environment, expanding the possibilities of your installation.

secure viewer

Security and Deployment
Rogan's WebView Pro has several built-in security features, guaranteeing that image information is only seen by those people authorized to do so. Examples are access rights and administration rights, which are controlled via the WebView Pro Server. Access protection demands user name and password from every user for authentication. An administrator defines exactly which user or User Group have rights to view and access certain parts of the database. In this way every user can only view data for which he has been given specific access rights to. The transfer of data is secured using encrypted data transmission between server and client. In addition, it is also possible to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that assures the highest possible data security. At first log-on, WebView Pro software components (Active X) are automatically installed on the viewing stations. Manual installation, which is often required with other plug-ins, is not necessary and updates are performed automatically.

HIPAA compliant pacs system

Integration, HIPAA and IHE
Rogan's WebView Pro can be integrated with RIS systems in order to load images and reports together on one web page. Integration is made via Rogan's LINK Pro, software that receives report information in a HL7 or ASCII format, and forwards it to the server. The centralized architecture of EOL (Everything On Line) OnLine XS PACS provides a controlled audit trail of all data movements. This is of the highest importance when you are required to keep track of the information flow, as regulated in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), currently in force in the USA. Rogan Delft follows IHE for development of its software. For more information please consult your Rogan Distributor.


Rogan WebView Pro
Rogan WebView Pro offers many functions for image editing and manipulation and covers the entire range of medical viewing requirements within and outside of a hospital. New functions such as extended layouts and the display of overlays and shutters are included. Teleradiology, which preferably uses conventional phone lines, now allows preloading of the images on to a client computer. These images can be stored in a local clipboard for an entire session. This can significantly accelerate access to the data. Furthermore, image data can now be decoded progressively, enabling images to be loaded continuously in the background until complete.

rogan webview pro+

Rogan WebView Pro +
Rogan WebView Pro+ is a new product for users that wish to extend their capabilities with a more advanced viewing environment. Compared to WebView Pro, additional functionality is offered and dual monitor support is provided. The WebView Pro+ features various measuring functions, a magnifying glass and gamma correction allowing optimization of image display. Images can be exported to the client for inclusion in an email or for use in other software programs.

speedy medical image viewing

Speed: the most important feature
The most critical issue that determines if a medical Web Viewer will be successful is speed. The viewing element of Rogan's WebView Pro works with Active-X components, ensuring fast image manipulation. Transmission speed depends on file size and type of connection (ADSL or ISDN are recommended). If retrieval of larger files is necessary, WebView Pro offers the user the ability to choose if image compression is employed. WebView Pro supports various compression methods.

EPR,Pathology,Endoscopy, and Nuclear Medicine are supported

Hospital-wide usage
Rogan WebView Pro supports a large number of modalities, making the workstation not only suitable for Radiology, but also for other departments that deal with medical images, for example Pathology, Medical Photography, Endoscopy, Nuclear Medicine etc. Rogan WebView Pro has also been successfully integrated in a number of cases with Hospital EPR (Electronic Patient Record) Systems.

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