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Specializing In Used X-Ray And Used C-Arms

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eWIX: Store & Scan On Demand Applications

Using the eWIX: Store & Scan On Demand service provides many solutions for your organization.

Record storage - Large storage rooms of records can be archived off site with quick access to necessary files as needed. NCD provides film digitizing and document scanning on an as needed basis. There is no need to digitize all of your files since many of them may never need to accessed.

Patient records - Patient record rooms rarely have space to grow with the vast amounts documents being added daily. All this information can be stored in eWIX and instantly retrieved at any web-enabled computer. Misplaced files can be a thing of the past making any healthcare facility or doctors office more efficient.

Accounting - Accounts receivable and payable can move all papers online to make them instantly searchable. By converting all invoices to an electronic format the need to search through a filing cabinet is removed. An invoice can be instantly retrieved while on the phone, eliminating the time spent searching for a file.

EOB documents - The Explanation Of Benefits forms are also paper based documents that need to be quickly accessed when the information is required. eWIX provides instant access to thousands of EOB's, greatly improving your internal process. Keeping track of EOB documents becomes easy by using the eWIX: Document Management service.

Please contact us for recommendations on your specific scenario.

Scan on Demand
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We charge a small monthly fee for storage. Digitizing is based on turnaround time.
  • Based on number of linear feet.
  • Based on turnaround time
    - rush and after hours retrievals available.
  • Electronic
    - small digitizing fee
    - upload to eWIX is free
  • Physical
    - using common carrier
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