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eWIX: mini-PACS Process

NCD Corporation (NCD) provides a simple, no risk solution to manage and archive medical information. This solution is a web-based mini-PACS and Patient Information Document Management service called eWIX (electronic Worldwide Information Exchange).

1.Capture from modalities

DICOM data is captured at your medical facility using the NCD DICOM gateway server. The gateway server handles all DICOM 3.0 complaint modalities making integration simple. Radiology equipment that is not currently configured to produce DICOM output can be upgraded using our digital upgrade solutions. The gateway can accept multiple incoming connections to reduce any bottleneck in the process.

2.Send data to mini-PACS service

Once the DICOM gateway has accepted a DICOM communication from your modality, it also forwards the data to the NCD hosting facility. To reduce network strain the DICOM data is compressed using file compression before transmission. All communications with the primary hosting facility are encrypted using the highest standards. To ensure that all data is sent correctly an integrity verification is made after each transfer.

3.Processing of data

At the NCD hosting facility the DICOM data is processed as soon as it is received. The DICOM data is compressed using FDA approved JPEG-lossless compression. Information about the DICOM is extracted from the DICOM worklist (header) information. During this processing step the DICOM can optionally be forwarded onto another facility for review or diagnostics. After the processing is complete the DICOM is available for immediate viewing.

4.Retrieval of stored images

Any DICOM image that is sent to the eWIX:mini-PACS service is available for viewing within minutes. The image can be viewed from the facility it originated from or from a remote location such as another hospital, physicians office, clinic or residence. If the image is viewed from the facility where it originated, it can take advantage of the accelerated retrieval feature of NCD DICOM gateway server. The gateway server can be configured to hold DICOM data for a selected period of time to provide near instant access to local DICOM data.

The eWIX: mini-PACS process is a complete solution to accessing and archiving your patient data. Contact us to get started today.

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We charge a small monthly fee for storage and access. No need to purchase document management software, viewers, servers, storage, or scanners.
  • Scanning pages up to 8.5" x 14" is no charge.
  • X-ray film digitizing is based on quantity and turnaround.
  • Indexing (identifying searchable keywords or numbers) is a small one time charge per document
    - not necessarily per page
  • Access is a small monthly charge per workstation starting at $20 per user
    - based on the number of workstations licensed
    - unlimited access, NOT PER CLICK
  • Storage is charged based on the actual storage used per gigabyte
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